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Why is the letter D like a sailor?
Answer: Because it follows the C.
How do you get pies to work for the government?
Answer: You add the letter S and get spies.
What is the correct way to file an axe?
Answer: Under the letter A.
Why do your uncles, aunts, and cousins depend on you?
Answer: Without U, they would not exist.
Why is the letter D so aggravating?
Answer: Because it makes Ma maD.
What can turn a lad into a lady?
Answer: The letter Y.
Why should dieters avoid the letter C?
Answer: Because it makes fat a faCt.
Why does Lucy like the letter K?
Answer: It makes Lucy lucKy.
What did the letter say to the postage stamp?
Answer: You send me.
What did the letter say to the postage stamp?
Answer: You send me.
If your worst enemy fell overboard, what letter would suit you?
Answer: LETTER B.
Why are A, E, and U the prettiest vowels?
Answer: You cannot have beauty without them.
Why is the letter A like a flower?
Answer: It is always followed by bees.
Why is the letter D so important at a wedding?
Answer: We cannot be wed without it.
Why are A, E, and U the prettiest vowels?
Answer: You cannot have beauty without them.
What letter comes after B in the alphabet?
Answer: The letter e. (alphabet)
What is the coldest letter?
Answer: C - it is in the middle of ice.
What word of 8 letters can you subtract 5 and leave 10?
Answer: Tendency.
Why is the letter G like the sun?
Answer: It is in the middle of liGht.
What letter is never found in the alphabet?
Answer: The one you mail.
Why is the letter E so unfortunate?
Answer: It is always in debt.
How, besides NME, can you spell enemy with 3 letters?
Answer: FOE.
Why is the letter A like noon?
Answer: Because it is in the middle of DAY.
What letter is nine inches long?
Answer: The letter Y, it is one fourth of a yard (9 inches).
Why is the letter E like London?
Answer: Because it is the capital of England.
What 3 letters make a man of a boy?
Answer: a, g, e (age).
What starts with T, ends with T, and is full of T?
Answer: Teapot.
What letter is most useful to a deaf woman?
Answer: The letter A can make 'her' 'hear'.
What ends with E and begins with P and has a thousand letters?
Answer: Post office.
From a word of 5 letters, take 2 letters and have 1.
Answer: ALONE - take the A and the L and you are left with ONE.
When will there be but 25 letters in the alphabet?
Answer: When U and I become one.
Why is T the happiest letter of the alphabet?
Answer: Because it is next to U.
What letters are invisible, but never out of sight?
Answer: S and I.
How do we know that S is a scary letter?
Answer: Because it makes CREAM SCREAM.
Why should men avoid the letter A?
Answer: Because it can make men mean.
Spell mousetrap in 3 letters.
Answer: c-a-t.
Why is the letter F like Paris?
Answer: Because both are the capital of France.
Why is the letter U the jolliest letter?
Answer: Because it is in the middle of fun.
Why are 2 T's like hops?
Answer: Because they make beer better.
Why should a boy avoid the letter Y?
Answer: Because it can turn a lad into lady.
How much is 5Q and 5Q?
Answer: 10Q - you're welcome.
Spell Indian tent with 2 letters.
Answer: TP.
Can you spell a composition with two letters?
Answer: SA.
Can you spell very happy with 3 letters?
Answer: XTC.
What Roman numeral can climb a wall?
Answer: IV (ivy).
What letter travels the greatest distance?
Answer: The letter D because it is at the end of the world.
When were there only 2 vowels?
Answer: In the days of No-A, before U and I were born.
Why is the letter B like a hot fire?
Answer: Because it makes oil, boil.
How can you spell enemy using 3 letters (not NME).
Answer: FOE.
When did Chicago begin with a C and end with an E?
Answer: Chicago always began with C and END always began with E.
Why is an island like the letter T?
Answer: Because it is in the middle of water.
Why is the letter R important to friendship?
Answer: Because without it, friends would be fiends.
What is the difference between here and there?
Answer: The letter T.
What letters express the most agreeable people in the world?
Answer: U and I.
What letter of the alphabet is needed to make a shoe?
Answer: The last.
What did the kid say when he opened his piggy bank and found nothing?
Answer: OICURMT.
What girl's name is like a letter?
Answer: KAY.
Can you spell soft and slow with 2 letters?
Answer: EZ.
How can you spell rot with 2 letters?
Answer: DK.
How many Peas are there in a pint?
Answer: There is only one P in pint.
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